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TinHomeToy produces home decorative products are based on pure material such as galvanize sheet, wood, paper or natural colour linen. All pieces were hand-made and environmental friendly. With all supports from our local staffs, TinHomeToy brought lively atmosphere to your home with all responsible to our world environment.


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Cafe HomeQuarter

Cafe HomeQuarter is a relaxing cafe located within our headquarter. Each menus are carefully created and brewed for our customers. Open daily and close on Tuesday, Our team is waiting to greet you with a warm and welcoming service.

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PropsQuarter is the catering and party utility rental service. Providing only best quality retal products for party from all kinds of ceramic plates, cutleries, beverage vessels to decoration items such as cake stands, shelves, place cards, vases and many more.


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Our Company


Au-Smith Studio & Workshop Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2012 by a highly acclaimed award winning Thai Designer.It has recently been established as an creative studio & workshop based in Bangkok. After more than a decade of professional working experience, she has well-known reputation nationally and internatianally.

Au-Smith Studio & Workshop continuelly produces ground breaking lines of products which based on Jewellery and Honme Decorative items under the same philosophy of emerging traditional and local skills with contemporary designs in order to expose traditional qualities to a wider audience.

Now we hold many life-stlye brands including TinHomeToy, Cafe HomeQuarter and PropsQuarter. Each brand provides different service for people's lifestyle.

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